Perpetual Seasonal Family Calendar

Perpetual Seasonal Family Calendar

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Print and make your own beutiful and colourful family calendar which you can print and use year after year by simply adding in the dates yourself. Each page has a different design and features 4 columns for different family members or categories (like appointments, meals, events, etc.), and an extra column for notes and the weeks birthdays and anniversaries.

To make the calendar, simply print out each page onto paper and one of the backing sheets onto cardstock. Cut away the white border (optional, but looks nicer) and use a hole punch to punch holes where the circles are at the top.Glue the backing sheet to some thick card (or 2 thinner pieces) but leave the top where the holes are unglued. Now use 4 split pins to attach the calendar sheets to the backing sheet. You can add a magnet to the back to stick onto a fridge or use some ribbon or string to hang the calendar.

Template and layout by Arda Cards

Graphics by Nitwit Collections under licence #27592

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