Proud to be a Social Enterprise

Crafting4Good CIC is a craft company with a difference: we're a nonprofit business where society profits rather than owners. As a social enterprise, we have social and environmental goals and must reinvest any surplus to benefit the community we serve (known as a Community Interest Company, a "CIC").  

A Personal Struggle

Things didn't feel quite right.  My personality didn't fit with the typical idea of a business person: many times I was told that I needed to be much more aggressive if I wanted to be in business; that my focus should be to "squeeze every last dime out of your customer" (that's an actual quote!) and focus more on the money if I wanted to succeed.

Eventually, it made me question everything I'd worked on for years, almost believing I was making a ridiculous mistake and that I wasn't the right person to be 'in business'.  What did I think I was playing at?  I should just get a proper job and provide for my family like everyone else.

But I kept going thinking eventually things will fall into place - and they did.
learning about Social Enterprise as a way of doing business

Epiphany Time

Sounds rather dramatic, but remember I'd been struggling with my conscience for years.  I was searching for information on how to set up a Charity when out of nowhere I stumbled upon this thing called "Social Enterprise", and I almost cried.

I suddenly discovered that there is a whole sector of different types of businesses, striving to do good in society, putting back in while still being 'a business' and doing all the normal things businesses do - including making a profit (not a dirty word after all!)

Profit - or surplus as it's referred to here - is put back into the business so making a good profit means being able to do more good;  you can make more of a difference because it's going back to benefit society, not just to the business owner or shareholders.

Sound too good to be true?  Here's how the School for Social Entrepreneurs defines things:

What is a social entrepreneur?

A social entrepreneur is an individual who works in an entrepreneurial manner for public or social benefit, rather than just to make money.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business driven by a social or environmental purpose...and the profits they make are reinvested towards achieving that purpose.

(from School for Social Entrepreneurs


Buy Social: Helping to Give Back

I've always run the store and online community hoping to make a difference in whatever small ways I can, e.g. encouraging Customers to sell what they make for charity, pricing for those with little budget for crafting, re-usable, more eco-conscious supplies...explained in more detail on our About Us page.

Buy Social Support Social Enterprise

Every Customer helps us achieve our social and environmental goals:
the more you order from us, the more 'good' we can do with the profits


I'm now very happy to have started Crafting4Good as a Community Interest Company, being part of a growing movement where making money and doing good can be merged together.  Just like 'Buy Local' encourages people to shop locally and support small high street businesses, 'Buy Social' is about encouraging people to support the growing number of businesses that are all working towards social or environmental aims.

Crafting4Good CIC is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales Company No.10690435. Registered office: 9 George Street, Normanton, WF6 2LT