How to Make a Gatefold Card from Printable Kits

Download one of our printable cards and make this sweet Panda card in the wrap-around Gatefold style.  It comes either on its own or part of a big value bundle of 20 other wrap around gatefold cards across various themes but all of them are big, bold and chunky cards that look pretty awesome when made up!


Handmade Panda Wrap Around Gatefold Card from a Printable Card Kit

Panda Wrap Gatefold Card Made from a Printable Card Kit


Basic Craft Materials Needed

  • Craft Knife, or use scissors
  • Cutting Mat, if using a knife
  • Scoring Tool, or the blunt side of scissors, old ballpoint pen, etc
  • Double-Sided Sticky Tape, or glue that's not too wet
  • Foam Pads (if decoupaging the Panda)
  • Personal cutter (optional)
  • Panda Card Kit download for £1.20 or in a bundle of 20 kits for £20

 Printable Panda Wrap Card Kit Contents
Printed Sheets from the Panda Card Kit


Making the Wrap Around Card 

  1. Print off all the sheets that come in the download, taking care to print on the reverse where indicated to create double-sided prints.

    Printed Background Paper on the Reverse to Make a Double Sided Printout

  2. Cut out the envelope parts, the main card, wrap-around flaps and Panda pieces if you wish to decoupage it (which I did not in the picture above).

    cut out envelope and card pieces from the Panda wrap kit

  3. Adhere the patterned, triangular shapes to the inside of the flaps, which will be seen on opening the card.  

  4. Wrap the entire flap around the main card piece, sticking the back piece of the flap to the back of the main card.  The large wrap goes on the left and the smaller one on the right - when both are stuck to the back of the card it will stand on its own and there's your fabulous handmade gatefold wrap card!  There is a decoupage Panda for the large flap if you want to add that.

Making the Co-Ordinating Envelope

  1. Making the envelope is very easy: once cut out, just score all the fold lines, and turn over the narrow sides on the main front piece.  

  2. To these folded side flaps, add some double-sided sticky tape and lay the back of the envelope over the top of them.  

  3. Fold the bottom patterned flap upwards to seal the envelope.  Obviously the top flap remains open until you want to close up the card.
finished Panda wrap card and envelope


You could add a greeting or verse on the main card that's visible, but if you don't want anything showing there, remember not to write on it (I forgot!) - write your message down at the bottom where the Panda flaps will hide it.

These wrap cards don't take long to put together once you have cut out all the parts, which is the most time-consuming part of it.  To make it a bit quicker and easier I used my personal cutter for the long envelope sides and straight lines.


Group Activities & Sellable Crafts

You may use these printable cards for group activities and Sell What You Make as long as it's handmade, finished cards and not the printed sheets themselves or any kind of digital product.


Download the Card Kit and Start Making

The Panda card kit is available on its own for £1.20 or as part of the BIG 20 card kit bundle for £20 (that's 20 cards, 20 envelopes, and 20 free matching gift boxes!)


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