3D Teacup, Saucer and Spoon - April Birth Flower Printables

3D Teacup, Saucer and Spoon - April Birth Flower Printables

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Printable full-sized, 3D teacup and saucer set featuring April's birth flower and gemstone:  Sweet Pea and Diamond.  Also available in the Combo Bundle.

Makes a fabulous container for a small gift, favour, chocolates or sweets. They are properly sized, have deep saucers and realistically shaped hollow spoons.  Print on card stock as a keepsake craft and unusual gift container in one. A pretty butterfly and extra decoupage flower layers are also included.

What You Get in the Downloadable Kit:

  • Realistic 3D Teacup
  • Deep 3D Saucer
  • Hollow 3D Teaspoon in 'silver and enamel'
  • Teabag Packet for a real teabag with two tag options
  • Gift Card Envelope
  • Extra Gift Tag: for a message tied to the handle or to a gift
  • Butterfly to perch on the teacup handle or elsewhere
  • Several text patches for the back of either the tea or gift packet
  • Trellis pattern printable paper for the inside of the cup (print first, then turn over to print teacup) - or to use as extra gift wrap
  • Plus extra flower layers for cup and saucer 3D decoupage
  • Comprehensive how-to instructions

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