3D Mug & Latte Spoon Set - March Birth Flower & Gem Printables
3D Mug & Latte Spoon Set - March Birth Flower & Gem Printables

3D Mug & Latte Spoon Set - March Birth Flower & Gem Printables

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March birth flower and gemstone - the Daffodil and Aquamarine - on a realistic and hollow 3D cardstock mug, with a cute latte spoon that fits through the handle just like real porcelain ones!  Also available in the March Birth Flower Combo bundle.

The mug comes with a gift card envelope, tea bag packet and tag, labels, tray and gingham pattern paper. Included too, is an itty-bitty gift bag that fits inside the mug. Extra latte spoons have different messages plus a blank option.  

Use the pattern paper as lining pattern for the inside of the mug by printing the page first, then flipping it to print the mug on the reverse. Or use the paper to wrap a small gift, or use as card backing and more. Present the set on the bonus tray for a complete mini gift basket/hamper.

What You Get in the Downloadable Kit:


  • Full-sized 3D paper mug with flower and gem graphics and gingham accents. The mug handle is studded with the gems stones for the month

  • Teabag packet for a real teabag

  • Various "teabag" tags including a little mug tag

  • Rectangular envelope, fitting a credit card-sized gift card

  • Background paper in matching gingham for the mug lining or wrapping of small gifts (Tip: First print a page of any of the wrapping papers. Then flip page and print mug. The inside of the mug will have the pattern inside.)

  • 4 printable latte spoons with different messages or a blank option

  • Detailed instructions for the mug construction

  • Bonus presentation tray

Use the Presentation Tray for an extra little gift with the mug e.g.

• Wrapped bar of soap to go with a rolled up facecloth in the mug
• Wrapped choc slab
• Fragrant candle
• Stacked and tied tea bags
• Small bunch of flowers

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