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How to Make a Printable Gatefold Envelope Card

Our printable Gatefold Envelope card kits are easy to make, look stunning and come complete with a box envelope.

We will show you how to make up one of these cards using the "A Birdy Told Me" kit, but gatefold envelope cards are constructed in pretty much the same way, so you can use this as a general tutorial for making gatefold envelope cards.

handmade gatefold envelope card from 'A Birdie Told Me' printable card kit

Supplies you will need

  • White cardstock & paper
  • Good scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • 3d foam pads
  • A scoring board, or a ruler and a scoring tool
  • 'A Birdie Told Me' card kit

Gatefold Envelope Card Instructions

Open your files on screen and follow directions for printing. You are advised on screen if you should print on card. If not advised then paper may suffice. Print off all your pattern pieces, take care to print the reverse when indicated i.e. on the rear of box pieces and main card piece.

printable sheets for gatefold envelope card kit

Contents of the Printable Card Kit


Making the Box Envelope

  1. Take the envelope-box pattern pieces and carefully cut them out.

  2. Use a scoreboard to get the best result, or alternatively a ruler and score tool, carefully score along the lines on the envelope-box pieces. You need to look carefully, they are designed not to be too obvious when the item is completed. 

  3. When all lines are scored apply double-sided tape to the flap edges as shown in the picture.

  4. Stick the front of the envelope-box to the back, lining up the edges carefully.

  5. You've completed the envelope-box, how easy was that?

printed sheets for the gatefold envelope

Printable Box Envelope Sheets

back of the printable envelope

Back of Envelope Box, After Cutting

back of printable card showing scored folds

Scored, with Double-Sided Tape on Flaps

finished printable box envelope for gatefold envelope cards

Your Finished Box Envelope


Making the Card

1. Take your main card piece which should have the card design on the front and the backing paper printed on the back  If you didn't use this double-sided printing technique, just glue the backing paper to the rear of this piece before cutting out....it makes life easier. You will need to use a glue that doesn't buckle the paper!  

2. Use your scoring system to score where indicated on the sheet; there are little marks at the bottom. You may find it easier to do this before you cut. These folds are valley folds, which means that you need to fold the flaps on each side up towards you, creating a valley where the fold line is.

cutting out the printable gatefold envelope base card


What is a Valley Fold?
Fold the flaps on each side up towards you, creating a valley where the fold line is

3. Next, we cut out the flap, which again should have the backing paper on the reverse. Once again use your scoring system to score the flap.

4. The instructions in the downloaded files suggest that you apply the double-sided tape to the underside of the flap and that adheres to the rear of the card.  However, I didn't want the flap showing at the back so my tape goes on the top of the flap (see picture below)

cut out and scored flap of the gatefold envelope card

'Envelope' flap

double sided sticky tape on the flap of the gatefold card

Double Sided Sticky Tape

envelope flap stuck to the base of the card

Flap Attached to Card

inside of the gatefold card with envelope flap adhered to it

Inside your Gatefold Envelope Card


5. Now comes the easiest bit of all: decorating the card. Cut out any of the embellishments you want to use. You don't have to use any of them if you like the card the way it is, or you can use them all, it's up to you!

cut out embellishments from "A Birdie Told Me" printable card kit

Cut Out Embellishments for Decoration and/or Decoupage


6.  I have cut around all the embellishments and applied 3D foam pads to the back, to create a decoupage effect.  When I do this I always shape the pieces slightly by rolling them over my finger to give them a slightly domed shape. This way, and by only applying the 3D foam to the centre of the pieces, they have a nice dimensional look on the card instead of being 'flat' layers.

You can build up the design with as many layers as you want to. Start with the most complete image on the bottom, and carefully line up the next most complete image on top.


Decoupage Tip

Shape the cut out pieces slightly by rolling them over your finger to give them a soft dimensional look, instead of just being flat.

You can see the decoupage layers very clearly in the picture below. I used the single flower pot on the inside flower image so that has some dimension too.

decoupage applied to the card


More Ideas for this card

If you want to take it a step further you could...

  • Try inking the edges of the parts before assembly; gently tap an inkpad in a coordinating colour along the cut edges

  • Take decoupage further by printing two of the card flap pieces and layering the pretty shaped mat

  • Add ribbon, gems or a little sprinkle of glitter

  • Add real little buttons over the printed ones


This Printable Card is from the Gatefold Envelope Bundle


Or you could...


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