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Floral Card Ideas - Design Challenge #4

Our 4th Design Challenge has a theme of Flowers. Our team were given the choice of files they wanted to work with. Some lovely makes this challenge. Grab a coffee and have a browse. Feel free to use the links to the Team's blog posts for more details on the projects they have created.



Debbie has been very busy for us this challenge. She chose several files to work with and has created projects as the designer intended the files to be used, but has also put her twist on things too. We love to see the files used in this way, using your purchased files in different ways make them even better value for money after all!


Debbie started with the lovely  Hello Sunshine Shadow Box kit.


Hello Sunshine Shadow Card
Next, Debbie moved on to 891 Butterfly Slider Card.
This file is available for multi machine file types, and also as a hand cut PDF file.


Printable Butterfly Slider Card                    Inside of the Butterfly Slider Card


Still not done Debbie then used the Perfect Roses Asymmetric Card.
She has a nice twist on this card.


Perfect Roses Card made with printables



This is the card made as it was intended by the Designer, but head over to Debbie's blog to see how she adapted this file slightly to make a lovely card with a detachable bookmark.


For her last creation Debbie combined both the Sunshine Shadow Box file and the Butterfly Slider Card file from above, added those supplies to The Purple & White Flower Toppers and created a lovely pop up box (you can find a blank Pop Up Box Template for making your own designs here...it's also Commercial Use OK meaning you can sell what you design using the template!)


Pop Up Box Card made with printables


Brilliant job Debbie!



Janet has also chosen the Butterfly Slider Card as detailed above. She used her Cricut to cut the elements, but if you don't own an electronic cutter there is also a hand cut version available.


Printable Butterfly Slider Card          Insert for printable Butterfly Slider Card


Janet then went on to use the same cutting file, but substituting her own materials to make a custom version of the card.



Lovely, as always, Janet!

Downloads Mentioned  in this Challenge



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