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Campervan Printables for Father's Day

I found these campervan printables while looking for something "different" for a Father's Day card: two digi scrap kits by Arda Cards, bursting with lots of different coloured campervans, front view and side view, as well as embellishments and over 100 cheery, colourful papers.  They are also Commercial Use OK if you are looking for Designer Resources you can use in your business.

card made using campervan printables
"Alternative" Father's Day Card


Personally, I'm not normally a fan of this style of graphics but it was just what we needed for this card and when I opened all the zips I was really excited by some of the papers and embellishments that could easily be used for a more regular, non-campervan themed card.


From Digital Scrap Kit to Campervan Printables

There are lots of choices for your campervan, many colours and both front views and side views.  We couldn't decide but finally chose the blue and pink campervan, opening it up in PaintShop Pro to work on.  The wording was added by adding text on a path and filling it with a rainbow gradient, with a slight drop shadow.  The font used is Ravie.

The Peace sign came in the scrap kit and although there are flowers in the kits too I didn't use them.  Instead, I actually used the flower tubes that come as standard in PaintShop Pro, reduced in size to fit the various parts of the van.  We got a little carried away with those cute flowers and I have to admit this is a pretty girly Father's Day card but hey.

We printed out the card and it could have been finished at that point.  However, I like shaped cards so wanted to cut around it and have it open from the top of the van.  Couldn't find my craft knife so had to use scissors which was a little tricky.  I'm not too pleased with the cutting out but it was OK.  Overall I really loved this cute little card and it looked great when it was finished - looking at the bright scrap kit style I would never have thought it would look so delicate and sweet.


Commercial Use campervan printables

Both of these digi scrap kits are 'Commercial Use' which means you can use them as Designer Resources for making your own products to sell, including things like Decoupage Sheets.   

You can also Sell What You Make regarding handmade, finished items made from these kits.



Prefer to use complete card kits than design your own?  Check out the Printable Cards page.

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