Sellable Crafts You Can Sell at Craft Fairs: Printables are Your Friend

When you're selling at craft fairs, it can be hard to recoup your outlay but as Melanie explains, using printables as sellable crafts is a way to fill up her stall, replenish stock and be able to take further orders without having to buy more craft supplies...just print more!  (Please note you must only Sell What You Make, not sell the actual printed sheets themselves)


"With printables you can say sure, and go and print out more!" 

sellable crafts by Melanie

Craft Fairs & Sellable Crafts - Melanie's Story

We've seen lots of photos of Melanie's crafts made up ready for her next craft fair, so we asked her to tell us why she finds printable cards and crafts useful.  Here's her story...


What Made You Start Selling at Craft Fairs?

"Craft takes over, I want to do it all, have it all and try it all.  My house is so full of things. So I thought I'd try and sell some of the things I made.  I've been going to craft fairs for about two years, once or twice a month during the 'season': fairs are normally on between March and December, but are usually quieter in the Summer months.  As I work full time, I don't go to make money but more of a social thing, you meet like-minded people who all have the crafting addiction, and share stories, tips, tricks, and advice.  You get good interaction if you are crafting at the fairs, as it's a talking point and people like to know what you are doing."


Why Do You Use Printables?

"I love the idea that if you like something and others like it, you can go home and do it again. If you buy a big kit (most kits are big and don't contain duplicates) and make it, then someone likes it but needs you to make 6, you either have to say no or go and buy 5 more full kits. With printables you can say sure and go and print out more!"


How Did You Start, Printing Your Own Craft Supplies?

"I started with craft CDs and was really excited to use them at first but after a while they all get a bit 'samey' and when you get them home there not all as good as they look on the TV, you've paid a fortune for it and not got what you thought - with a printable you see what you are getting and buy what you want, and its instant."


What are Your Best Sellable Crafts?

"I like construction, so your box templates are fab but you also have some great quick makes and paper packs.  Last years Christmas favourite was an easel card with a drawer underneath which was sold in a bundle, I made loads.  I love making boxes and am in the middle of an advent calendar just now, also a pair of baby shoes. The stationery goes down very well."

Best selling items at craft shows: Christmas Easel Card Gift Boxes

Christmas easel card made from a printable card making kit to sell at craft fairs


What Printer Do You Use?

"I use a bog-standard Epsom printer.  It was the most basic model, SX115, but have just recently upgraded to an XP335.  With my old one, I used compatible cartridges and as long as you use the same cartridge to print the project there are no colour variations. Not tried yet with the new printer, still using the ones from the box."


What Do You Print On?

"My old printer used to take 250 gsm card and I used to get the Creative Crafting World card but the new one only takes up to about 220gsm, the Range does a light card quite reasonably. The paper I get from the stationers, a good quality inkjet one for graphics in 100gsm for backgrounds and 160gsm for toppers and decoupage.  I've tried all the fancy 'smooth' papers the TV says you need and don't get the same results."


A Convenient Stash of Sellable* Crafts!

Digital Craft Supplies = Re-Print as Often as Necessary

Printable craft supplies are not the only thing that Melanie uses for her craft fairs, but they certainly play a big part as she finds them:
  • Re-printable in whatever quantities you need
  • Potentially cheaper than having to keep stocking up on manufactured supplies


Crafting for Good

Melanie puts her crafting to good use and sells what she enjoys making in her spare time at craft fairs - it's good for her because she makes money back on the supplies she's used but, as she says, it's more of a social thing, making new friends and interactions with other people she might not normally meet.   

How about you, ever thought of using printables to make crafts you can sell?  Perhaps you fundraise for charity and need to keep your costs low?  Check out all the different types of sellable crafts* we have ready for instant download, and remember, you're not only helping yourself, but you are also helping to fund others too - "crafting for good" is a win-win for everyone!


Check out all our big value printable bundles for selling* at your craft fair

*you may only Sell What You Make, not the actual printed sheets

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