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Personalised 3D Printable Mug Set Dark Red - TEST DO NOT USE

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Want to decorate your own keepsake mug with photos of friends, family or memories but don't want to or can't do it yourself?  We will do it for you!

  • You get the same set of printables, but ready-made with your own personal photographs

  • Print off your printables in the normal way and make your mug and tray gift set, but with the extra special touch of having your own personal touch

  • Lovely keepsake gifts for Grandparents, New Baby, Friends, Reminiscence Therapy or even add your school or charity logo.

Send your photos using the options above (max 20MB file size) and we will get on it.

Personalisation is done by a real living person and so has an extra fee on top of the regular printable price - and delivery will be 3-5 days, by email / link.

What Do I Get?

Printables included in the 8 sheet set:

  • Blank 3D mug
  • Colour shaded spoon
  • 2 mug handles: a slotted one for the spoon and C handle
  • Blank teabag packet and tags (plus transparent PNG)
  • Blank gift card envelope (plus transparent PNG)
  • Blank gift tag (plus transparent PNG)
  • Blank presentation tray (plus transparent PNG)
  • 2 extra scrapbook mug wrappers in transparent PNG
  • Blank colour patches for added text on reverse of tea and gift packet
  • Mini dot paper (for the inside of the mug; print first, then turn over to print mug) or use as extra gift wrap
  • Comprehensive instruction booklet with how-to steps

Unusual gift packaging ideas for small gifts and snacks (but place food items in plastic or food-safe glassine first)

Each set has trim, handles and shaded spoon to coordinate with any graphics with similar colour elements.

The items have colours on the rim because the Anni Arts topper sets are a smidgen smaller for a neat finish when the edge colour peeps through. If you use your own graphics you can cover the rim colours.



  • The dark red set is great for Christmas, Valentines, 4th July, Vintage or Wine themes
  • The red set is great for Christmas, Valentines, 4th July or Kids
  • The sage set is great for an alternative Christmas green, Earth Day, Vintage or Baby Crafts
  • The Xmas Green is for traditional Xmas crafts or Earthy leaf themes

Sell What You Make

If you are adding your Logo or images for a charity or school etc you may then print as many as you need and sell the finished, handmade items for fundraising.  Printables or digital files may not be sold.

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