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Card Making & Printable Greeting Cards

Enjoy instant card making with printable greeting cards - print out your pages, cut out the pieces and make your cards!  You can make cards using full kits, including envelopes, or use your imagination and put together papers, toppers and decoration to make your own designs. 

  • You can reprint as many times as you like, using whatever card or paper you prefer

  • Printable cards can be made using just your printer, something to cut with and glue

  • New to card making?  Start easy with Toppers and Quick Cards and craft your way to the more complicated card craft styles
Printed pages from a printable greeting card kit

Shaped Cards

Fairly simple cards that are designed in the shape of something such as Santa, a shoe or a handbag / purse etc.  These make great cards for kids, both to make and receive.

How to Make this Printable Handbag Card

Shaped Handbag Card from a Printable Kit

Stepper Cards

Craft cards that emerge into a stand up card through clever cuts and folds that produce a dimensional card, with steps or layers of varying types.  They can be decorated with panels of backing paper, images etc.


Easel Cards

Easel cards have an upright section that is propped up by a stopper mechanism so that the card stays open; they can be any shape or size and even mounted onto other paper-crafted surfaces such as drawers or keepsake boxes, as shown below.


Neverending Cards

Easier to make than you expect and a lot of fun to receive - open the card, then open again, and again, and again... 


Printable Quick Cards

Quick and easy cards are for those times when you don't want to be getting the glue out and messing around - you just need a card, quick and with as little fuss as possible.

These types of cards are great for busy mums with lots of birthday parties, last minute Christmas cards and ideas to keep the kids entertained for a while.

Quick cards are designed to be ready to print, fold and send or require just a little cutting or trimming in the case of multiple 'production line' type sheets i.e. getting as many cards from one sheet of paper as possible (great for kids' class Christmas cards!)  You might also need to do some trimming depending on your printer settings (borderless v border) or if you are using a different paper size e.g. US Letter.


Pop Up Box Cards

These little cuties have to be one of the most popular handmade cards styles!  They are fun to make and they can't fail to delight the recipient as they unfold the flat card into a 3D box with things popping out of the top.  Kids love them, both making and receiving, and so does everyone else!

 How to Make a Pop Up Box Card

Christmas Pop Up Box Card Kit


Rocker Cards

Sometimes also called Teacup cards when they use a teacup design as the rocker base, these cards are shaped on the bottom so that they can 'rock'.  Simple, effective but still something with a little difference to it.


Shelf Cards

Fun 3D cards which stand up forming a shelf, with separated layers on top from front to back.

Shelf cards to make from printable card making kits


Waterfall Cards

Another fun 'kinetic' handmade greeting card with moveable parts on the front.  Use the 'Pull' mechanism to make the central images flip.


Toppers for Cards

Toppers are a really easy way to make quick handmade cards! All you need to do is print the topper onto paper or cardstock, cut it out and stick it to your card base - which means you can use anything you like whether it's a recycled piece of waste card or a special piece of textured specialty card.

Card toppers can be left as they are, or you can decoupage them, add extra embellishments from your craft stash etc.

Gatefold Cards

One of the most popular card making styles, Gatefold Cards come in many varieties and might be a solution for those whose hands can't manage much cutting (although the level of cutting work does vary greatly between styles and designs).  The simplest style just fold two sides of the card into the center to create flaps to open but you can get variations on this theme such as offset or Asymetrical Gatefold cards, Gatefold Envelope cards with a fold down flap or Wrap Around Gatefold cards.

How to Make a Printable Gatefold Envelope Card


Secret Treasure / Keepsake Gift Box Cards

These are more like papercraft projects than cards but are still sent as such; they can contain integral gift boxes, drawers or compartments for including keepsakes, photos, treats or small gifts etc.


Card Templates

Design and make your own greeting cards using printable templates and if you Sell What You Make, you can also use our commercial use design resources to design and sell your own cards, both digital and handmade (please check the descriptions and terms though, as they're not all for digital/printable commercial use).


Cut Files

Cut files normally refer to digital files for use with electronic craft cutters, however, some of the files also contain printables that can be cut by hand.

Cut files tend to require intricate cutting and are designed for use with craft machines such as the Silhouette or Brother ScanNCUT.  If these names aren't familiar to you, then you likely don't have unless you are buying the designs suitable for HAND cutting  (it will say so in the product title) you can ignore this section!

make cards with cut files for hand or machine cutting


Have a good look around - as well as printable card making kits we have printable paper craft kitsprintable planners and even printable envelopes for when you're caught short  - and don't forget, when you purchase from us you're not only getting fabulous instant craft supplies that you can enjoy, but you are also helping to fund worthy community projects too because we are a Social Enterprise - Business Where Society Profits!  


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