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christmas printables bundle of cards, gift packages, wrappers
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Christmas Printables Advent Bundle

Anni Arts Printables
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25 full sets of Christmas printables available for the Advent Sale from Anni Arts.

Card making is the focus of the first batch of designs because the cards have to
be made and posted. It then transitions to 3D mugs and 3D Cups, followed by packaging sets, eats and treats and wrapping paper.

There are several of the Anni Arts 3D Mug sets, two 3D Cup and Saucer sets, as well as cradle teacup cards included.

The regular price total of just the 3D Mugs and 3D Cups and Saucers is £27 and the regular price total of the other sets is more than £30.

1  Xmas Cup Cradle Card, Teabag Packet and Envelope

2  Holly and Lace Shoe Card with Layers and Envelope

3  Holiday Butterfly Cup Layer Card and Envelope

4  Xmas Fashion Boot Tall Shaped Stand-up card and Envelope

5  Vintage Amyrillis Cup Cradle Card, Teabag Packet and Envelope

6  Jolly Holly Card Kit

7  Roses and Lace Cradle Card, Teabag Packet and Envelope

8  Toy Tree 3D Mug, Teabag Packet, Gift Card Envelope and Layer Card

9  Christmas Poinsettia 3D Cup, Saucer, Spoon and Packets

10 Decorate It Yourself 3D Mug, Photo Mug, Teabag Packet,Gift Card Envelope, Tray and Packets

11 Scottie Dog 3D Mug, Teabag Packet, Gift Card Envelope, Pillow Pack and Tartan Paper

12 Xmas 3D Cup, Saucer, Spoon and Packets

13 Vintage Christmas 3D Mug, Teabag Packet, Gift Card Envelope, Bottle Box and Flat Packet

14 Happy Reindeer 3D Mug, Lidded Box and Mini Bag

15 Scandinavian Christmas Reindeer and Tree Stockings

16 Holly and Lace Notelets and Envelopes

17 Mod Scandi Holiday Bird Coffee Pack/ Gift Bag and Lidded Tea Box and Tea Envelopes

18 Reindeer Toile de Jouy Truffle Box and Gift Bags

19 Christmas Poinsettia Handbag Gift Packs

20 Christmas House Pillow Packs x4

21 Four Favourite Fun Pack Blank Templates

22 Xmas Cupcakes x 8 in Four Designs

23 Xmas Chocolate Slab Wraps x 6

24 Xmas Papers x 6

25 Bonus set in Combo: Luck New Year Party Invite, New Year’s Wishes and Photo Card

This is a very large file, please make sure you have space needed: 107 MB

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